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Our Board

We are a dedicated team of ambitious students located in the Netherlands at Erasmus University Rotterdam.


Our main goal is to provide our fellow peers with valuable professional learning experiences and insights into the financial industry, equipping them to excel in their future careers.


Arne Boštjančič

Board President

Arne is the current president of IFSA Rotterdam, leading the charge in this dynamic organization. Currently pursuing a Master's program in Management of Innovation at Erasmus University Rotterdam, Arne brings a wealth of knowledge, analytics, and leadership to IFSA. His responsibilities encompass steering IFSA's strategic direction, fostering global collaborations, and ensuring that the organization remains at the forefront of financial education and innovation. Beyond his professional endeavors, Arne enjoys exploring new cultures through culinary arts and traveling.

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Alexander Konditerovs

Board Vice President & Treasurer

Alexander serves as the Vice President & Treasurer of the Rotterdam Chapter of IFSA. He is a diligent second-year student pursuing a degree in International Business Administration. With a strong knack for coordination, organization, and proficient bookkeeping, he plays a vital role in the association's operations. In his capacity as Vice President & Treasurer, Alexander takes on key responsibilities, which include managing the Chapter's budget, maintaining detailed records of IFSA activities, and handling administrative duties efficiently. Beyond his academic pursuits, Alexander has a keen interest in Asset Management and Investment Banking. His dedication to professionalism is complemented by his active involvement in competitive sports and his passion for traveling.

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Miloš Stanišić

Commercial Director

Milos is IFSA’s face when it comes to sponsor communication. In his final year of Economics and Business Economics at Erasmus, he is motivated and ready to take on any challenge headfirst! With previous experience in commerce and market research, Milos makes sure to deliver the best offers and services to our sponsors. Working alongside his amazing commercial team, he will connect partners and IFSA, to provide top off the line events for our members. As his second year at IFSA, Milos knows his way around and has a long list of successfully organized partnerships and events. He enjoys spending time with friends, going to a bar, cinema, or theatre. His interests are boxing, playing guitar, and reading.

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Panos Messinis

Events Director

Panos is the current events director of IFSA Rotterdam and a second-year student of BSc Economics and Business Economics. He joined IFSA one year ago as a member, participated in a plethora of events organized by the chapter, and after a successful year, he decided to join the board to ensure IFSA gets the recognition it deserves. Having already organized several successful events, he is currently working on upcoming events such as IFSA internship talks, IFSA company visits, and the end-of-year gala for our loyal members. Besides IFSA and his studies, Panos is an avid fan of sports, having previously played rugby on a regional level. He enjoys exploring new locations through cycling and finds the Netherlands to be an ideal place for such adventures. Some of his hobbies which he enjoys are running, sailing, and poker.

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Pranjal Ray

International Events Director

Pranjal is the current International Events director of IFSA Rotterdam. His main responsibilities include organizing the IFSA x Flow Traders Trader’s Cup and the Global Case Competition at Harvard. Trader’s Cup is the largest trading competition organized by students, with 1000+ participants and participation from 15+ countries. The Global Case Competition at Harvard is the world's most prestigious student-organized case competition to date, organized with the help of the Harvard GSAS Business Club. For this edition of the competition, all participants will have the opportunity to enjoy a meet and greet reception, networking in Boston, an amazing closing ceremony, and possibly a $10,000 prize. In other aspects of his life, Pranjal likes reading up on quantitative finance, volunteering with NGOs, reading, watching and discussing cinema, and working out.

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Anne Marie Trigemini

Marketing Director

Anne Marie is the dedicated Marketing Director of IFSA Rotterdam. Born in Italy and raised in Canada and France, she is currently a second-year student pursuing a degree in International Business Administration (IBA). Beyond her professional role, Anne Marie values the time spent with her loved ones. She has a deep passion for music, with a particular focus on playing the piano, and she has a strong love for travel, which allows her to embrace diverse cultures. Anne Marie also sees fashion as a means of artistic self-expression, reflecting her creative side.

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